“Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ― Francis of Assisi

Vesuvio GF Pizza, Ciro & Sons, Florence, Italy

Vesuvio GF Pizza, Ciro & Sons, Florence, Italy

The plane that brought me to Florence banked a hard right, calling me to attention before landing with a dramatic thump as if reminding me why I am here.  My journey is to continue to transform, to step up, to play, to find the kid in me again, and to freakin’ live full out.  I can begin to feel the energy of a place even before landing.  If you have been to a number of my Kundalini Classes chances are I led you through exercises to support and enhance the chakra system, the energy centers of the body. This is what I do this before I land in a new place.  I do this to open, to lean in, to clear the path to feel and listen to my inner voice, my intuition.  Or as I tell my kids, to “get my spidey senses going”.

Near the top, if not the top, on my to do list in Italy is to safely eat Gluten Free pizza.  Well not just any GF pizza but to-die-for GF pizza.  A quick check on the internet led me to Ciro & Sons, a short 6 minute walk from Hotel Albani.  The waiter informed me that I needed to put in a request a day in advance for GF pizza here.  Oh man,  really.  He informed me that everything else on the menu besides ravioli could be ordered GF, but that is not what I had my heart set on.  He finally said that I could order the GF pizza but it would take 20 – 30 minutes.  SOLD!  After waiting over 7 years to return and order this,  a 30 minute wait just made the anticipation oh so much sweeter.

IMG_1326  I ordered the Vesuzio Pizza with buffalo mozzarella, truffle, cherry tomatoes, arugula,and Tuscany Ham.   Fresh Black TRUFFLES on my pizza, oh yeah I am in Italy.  Here is a close up of the truffles on my pizza.  Let me just say Om Nom Nom.  I ate the whole pizza and it was sensational beyond my expectations!



Besides my view of the Medicci Chapel was exquisite from my table.


The pizza crust was perfect – GF or not.  Once I peeked inside the restaurant, I realized why.  The pizzas are fired in a hand-made, copper, wood-burning  oven!  As a chef, this gets me excited.


While sitting enjoying my pizza, I noticed a garbage truck picking up the community garbage.  Here is a little video of it.  How civilized!

Garbage pick-up Italian style!  Click to watch.  This is cool!  Now back to my hotel.   Ciao  IMG_1322