My yoga classes have been focusing on releasing congestion in the body from a very loooooooong winter this week.  We specifically targeted  the liver, colon, and stomach.  Now we need to support this process with a few changes in our daily habits. To support the detoxification of the liver, there are some things that we can do to flush out all of those toxins that we stirred up in class.  At this time of the year, I start my morning with a hot cup of water and the juice of 1/3 -1/2 of a lemon.  The emphasis here is putting something hot into your stomach first thing in the morning not lukewarm or cold but hot.  Not only does this stoke the agni, the fire of digestion, but adding lemon juice facilitates elimination of toxins from the liver.  It is simple and easy for everyone to do.  Because who doesn’t want to increase their metabolic rate anyway, right?  Right.  I often say to my yoga students, “Give yourself this gift”.