Kundalini Yoga with Me

Kundalini Yoga can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, back pain, past trauma and current drama. (Whew!)  It blends dynamic movement with held postures, breath techniques, deep relaxation, meditation, mudras (hand positions), and mantras (chanting).  Expect fun surprises in Kundalini Yoga class as sets vary and can contain everything from aerobic, strength-training to singing and dancing, to quiet, introspective meditation.

Considered one of the most ancient and powerful forms of yoga, Kundalini Yoga classes deliver essential fitness fundamentals to unify body, mind and spirit.  Often called the ‘yoga of awareness,’ it encourages self-acceptance whatever your fitness level.  Kundalini Yoga is fun and incredibly efficient, challenging — yet doable – for practically everyone!  It can be used to break through old patterns, elevate the spirit, increase endurance, cleanse the mind, heal the body, and increase energy.  The three goals of Kundalini Yoga are health, happiness and spiritual progress.

Energize the core and enliven both body and soul with this core-strengthening, dynamic style of yoga sweeping the nation!  Kundalini Yoga is ideal for the active person who needs to lower stress levels, achieve inner peace, calmness and improve health and well-being.  All levels welcome!

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Janice is a masterful teacher.  She brings the knowledge and skill from her general yoga training to the deeper energetic practices of Kundalini yoga. She is deeply committed to her own continuing yoga study so that she is able to help each student identify the specific tools and practices that will allow for their personal transformation. I love her encouraging nature and affirming spirit, both on and off the yoga mat and I highly recommend any class that she teaches.

Susanne Olin, Kunadalini yoga student