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I received my 230-hour teacher training from the Yoga Center Minneapolis in 2012.  Over the years I have studied with many wonderful teachers including Moya Mathews, Susan Meyer, Betsy Weiner, Jennifer Gray, Monique Maxwell, Coleen Elwood, Tara Cindy Sherman, Doug Swenson, Kevin Gayle, James Bailey, and Anand Mehrotra. I was mid way through my first 230 hour Yoga Study when I found Kundalini Yoga.

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The below are just a few classes that I currently teach. Click to view my entire upcoming class lineup

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Kundalini Yoga

Mondays; 7:30pm - 8:45pm
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private yoga sessions

I will design a custom practice tailored to your needs, with your goals, challenges, and special considerations in mind.

Yoga with Me for Individuals

You may prefer to work one-on-one if you are a beginner,  managing medical challenges, recovering from an injury, too busy or too recognizable to attend a group class, or want to address specific issues such as building core strength, breaking destructive habits and patterns, activating the chakra system, reducing stress, tension, and dis-ease, enhancing intuition, healing heartbreak, strengthening your aura, etc.


Yoga with Me for Couples, Families and Groups

Connect with family, friends, neighbors in a fun private group setting.  Gather with your fellow golf / sport buddies to enhance core strength and flexibility while boosting metabolism.  Organize a group from your neighborhood to build community while raising individual vibrations and strengthening commitment to Self.  This class will help you to be grateful, build character, embrace dignity, enhance radiance and inner beauty, and welcome in vitality and physical health.


Janice is a masterful teacher.  She brings the knowledge and skill from her general yoga training to the deeper energetic practices of Kundalini yoga. She is deeply committed to her own continuing yoga study so that she is able to help each student identify the specific tools and practices that will allow for their personal transformation. I love her encouraging nature and affirming spirit, both on and off the yoga mat and I highly recommend any class that she teaches.

Susanne Olin, Kunadalini yoga student