Why are gluten free products so much better in Spain?  That’s the question that pulled me to my gluten free culinary getaway in Lucca, Italy.   Last December I visited my middle son, Max when he was studying abroad in Madrid.  Every restaurant where Max and I ate in Madrid and in Barcelona had the most amazing, just baked, light, airy, delicious gluten free breads.  I was blown away.  I was very curious to find out whether their gf products are better because of their starting products  or because of their techniques or  a combination of both.  That curiosity along with my intention of leading cooking tours/ yoga retreats safe for all people avoiding gluten led me on a hunt to find a program in Italy around the date of my Umbrian Tour.

IMG_1624                                               IMG_1625


I spent a week learning about products and techniques utilized in making fresh pasta, baking bread, and cooking traditional Italian foods all senza glutine.  It was about meeting and being with fellow celiac and gluten sensitive food lovers, sharing stories, ideas, techniques, tips, successes, and passions.  There were definitely some talented people here this week and I learned so much from everyone.  I am grateful for Carla, founder of Jovial Foods for sharing her passion and knowledge.  Namaste

GF Ravioli di Ricotta e Bietole

GF Ravioli di Ricotta e Bietole

Learning how to make fresh gf pasta was wickedly fun and soul satisfyingly delicious.  I can’t believe how many I ate that night!  I felt like a kid in a candy store!  So I got a little excited and kind of went overboard, but hey when it is your first time ever eating ravioli…….. need I say more.  I was so jazzed to get the technique down that I decided to forgo sightseeing to work on this in the kitchen the next day.


Ravioli with Ricotta, Swiss Chard, and sage butter


There was also an egg-free, fresh buckwheat gf pasta recipe that I wanted to master.  I couldn’t get them as thin as I had gotten the fresh egg pasta ones so I checked with Lorenzo, resident pasta expert, got some advice, and went back to the kitchen to try again the next day.  The buckwheat raviolis were just as good, if not better than the fresh egg pasta ones.



I can’t wait to tell you about pizza day and bread day!  I am grateful to have been pulled to this place with these people.  I have been vibrating my intentions to the universe, visiting those intentions every day, and now I am aware of the universe responding.  I am aligning with that energy and trusting in my path.  Ciao from Italy!  Arrivederci!